"Satan Youth" reading at The Violators show curated by Gio Black Peter at Leslie-Lohman Project Space, NY, October 2018 (photo by Jan Wandrag)


Reading Allen Ginsberg's America at the book launch for Don't Hide the Madness: Allen Ginsberg in conversation with William S. Burroughs, (Le) Poisson Rouge, NYC


"Satan Youth" reading at Tom of Finland Art and Culture Festival, Tom of Finland Foundation, LA, October 2018 (photo by Steven Reigns)


Food Chain at The Museum of Human Achievement (MoHA), Austin, Texas, April 2018


Hood by Air's "Pilgrims" runway show at the New York Fashion Week (with Shayne Oliver), February 2016


Drawing marathon presented by Mouthfeel Magazine, Printed Matter, NYC, December 2015


Food Chain at Piss Elegant curated by Billy Miller of Straight to Hell, Bureau of General Services—Queer Division, The LGBT Community Center, NYC, October 2015 (photo: Billy Miller)


Coyote Ugly (with Agathe Snow), Albertz Benda, NYC, September 2015 (photo: Jan Wandrag)


Artist talk at the Municipal Hall, Identalterity, The 5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Greece, June 2015 (photo: Anna Apergi Konstantini)


Allen Ginsberg's "Please Master" and "America" (with Emanuel Xavier), Howl Happening, NYC, May 2015


AMORESUPERM body drawing performance with Brian Kenny, Leo Rydell Jost, Miguel Lahuerta Berazaluce and Roc Alemany, La Fresh Gallery, Madrid, November 2014


SUPERM body painting performance (with Brian Kenny, Hugo Bo Chanel, Krishna Istha, Hermes Pittakos, Sanuye Shoteka and Torgier Sagdahl) , Fringe Festival, Dalton Superstore, London, November 2014



Food Chain book launch, Dixon Place, NYC, March 2014


Artist talk at Share Conference, Belgrade, Serbia, April 2013


BRUCE(X)PLOITATION (with Bruce LaBruce, Kembra Pfahler, Gio Black Peter, Brian Kenny, and Carter Harrington), The Hole, NYC, 2012


Giving Birth to Hell (with Nick Theobald), envoy enterprises, NYC, 2012. Photo: Jamie Sterns


24 Days of Matter Printed, curated by J. Morrison, Printed Matter, Inc., NYC, 2011/12. Photo: J. Morrison


Artist talk at Exiles, powerHouse Arena, Brooklyn, NY, Summer 2010


Shaking Angles (with Andrey Bartenev and Brian Kenny), The National Arts Club, NYC, 2008. Photo: Brian Kenny


"With Us Against Reality, or Against Us!" curated by Ida Ekblad and Anders Nordby, Willy Wonka Inc., Oslo, 2005. Photo: Brian Kenny


The Trials of Gilles de Rais (with Bruce LaBruce), Visions of Excess, curated by Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis, Club Demon, Birmingham, UK. Photo: Bruce LaBruce


No Love (with Joshua Lee), RARE Gallery, NYC, 2004. Photo: Nicolas Wagner


Live tattoo performance (with JK5 and assumer vivid astro focus), assume vivid astro focus VII, Deitch Projects, NYC, 2003 (photo: Lucien Samaha)


The Ladder of Red (with Andrey Bartenev and Christopher Knowles), The Red Night, Watermill Center, Long Island, July 2002 (photo: Pavel Antonov)


Superhuman Supertexts, Platinum Oasis, curated by Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis, The Coral Sands Motel, LA, July 2002 (photo: Duane Cramer)


Porcile (with Bruce LaBruce), Platinum Oasis, curated by Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis, The Coral Sands Motel, Los Angeles, July 2002 (photo: Bruce LaBruce)


Kabul Olympics (with Sergey Bratkov), Passage Gallery, Moscow, 2001 (photo: Sergey Bratkov)


"They think we're going to kill each other" (with Alexander Brener), Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 1994


Russian-American Wedding (with Robert Filippini), Palace of Weddings No. 4, Moscow, April 12, 1994 (photo: Laura Ilyina)