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My Open Letter in Glamcult Magazine (The Netherlands)





 "Exhibitionist and Martyr," Man About Town (UK)

Collaborative cover story and portfolio with Gosha Rubchinsky (photography) and Lotta Volkova (styling)






Immigrant Stories: Slava Mogutin - New York Magazine



Ted Stansfield, "Cruising on Hempstead Heath with Two Radical Artists" - Dazed Digital (UK)



"Rebel at Heart"

artist profile and portfolio, interview and portraits by Milan Vukmirovic - Fashion for Men (US)




"Slava Mogutin," artist profile and portfolio - Dreck Magazine (UK)



"Slava Mogutin: Voice of Dissent" - artist profile in VAULT Magazine (Australia)



"Slava Mogutin, Lost Boys: From Russia With Love" - L’Œil de la Photographie (France)



Tempe Nakiska, "Radical Russian artist Slava Mogutin on the unbreakable energy of post-Soviet youth" - HERO (UK)



Czech News Agency (ČTK), "Mogutin's photos displayed in Prague withing LGBT event" - The Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic)



Dmitry Volchek, "They banned female breasts. What's next?" - Radio Liberty (Czech Republic, in Russian)



Miss Rosen, "Made You Look: Slava Mogutin Goes Big With “Lost Boys: From Russia With Love”Artwall, Prague, presents “Lost Boys: From Russia With Love,” a powerful public art installation by the fearless Slava Mogutin" - Crave Online (US)


Kateřina Sýsová, "What's it like to be gay in Russia" - PRJKTR (Czech Republic, in Czech)



"Prague Pride brings From Russia With Love" - Česká televize (Czech Republic, in Russian and Czech)



Slava Mogutin's interview by David Stahlavsky - The Czech Radio Plus / Český rozhlas (in Russian and Czech)



Elise Morton, "Lost Boys. From Rusia with love: multemidea artist Slava Mogutin's first solo show in Prague" - The Calvert Journal (UK)



Virginia Vargolska, "Slava Mogutn's Lost Boys" - Radio Prague (Czech Republic, in Russian)


Josephine Platt, "Queer photographer and activist Slava Mogutin unveils his latest project" - Hero Magazine (UK)


Patrick Clark, "Interview: Slava Mogutin" - Schön! (UK)



Tom Archer, We asked our favourite photographers to react to the state of the world today" - Hunger (UK)


Lost Boys portfolio - Sentimental Magazine (UK)



Ted Stansfield, "The radical Russian collaborating with Hood By Air" - Dazed Digital (UK)



Alex Frank, "Who Was the Shirtless Tattooed Art Star at Hood By Air?" -




Interview and artist portfolio - Facts Zine (Paris)



Miss Rosen, "The Top 7 Photographers of the 21st Century (So Far)" - Crave (US)



Eric Torres, "Bruce LaBruce's "MOON RIVER" by Slava Mogutin - Gayletter (US)



“Casual Encounters” - artist portfolio in Mein Schwules Auge / My Gay Eye, Volume 12 (Germany)



"Filet Selektah: Slava Mogutin" - artist playlist for Filet Magazine (Belarus)



Kolya Camouflage, "Slava Mogutin: Homophobes Shall Not Pass" - interview for Gay Alliance Ukraine
(portraits by Ray Lego and Nicolas Wagner)



Yannis Skarakis, "Slava Mogutin - The Art of Provoking" - DRECK Magazine (UK)



Stock Boyz portfolio in TOYY Magazine (Belgium)



"Artist Spotlight: Slava Mogutin" - LVL3 Media (Chicago)



Emma van Meyeren, "Slava Mogutin" - Glamcult Magazine (The Netherlands)



Drawn Together - collaborative portfolio with Brian Kenny & Josh Lee for Gayletter Magazine (NY)



Anastasiia Fedorova, "Growing up in 90s Russia" - Dazed Digital (UK)


Varia Fedko-Blake, "10 Russian Photographers You Need to Know" - The Culture Trip (UK)



Nadia Beard, "Slava Mogutin to feature in group art exhibition in France" - The Calvert Journal (UK)




CNN talks to Russian artist and activist Slava Mogutin about gay rights leading up the Olympics in Sochi, Russia



"Slava, In the Name of Love" - interview and portfolio in C-print Journal (Sweden)




"Rated R: Slava Mogutin" - Cahiers de photo blog (Sweden)



Anastasiia Fedorova, "New Wave: 24 photographers changing the way we see Russia" - The Calvert Journal (UK)



"Art of the Edge in a Warm Cilmate: The Queer Biennial I in Miami — running alongside Art Basel — looks fun, risky, and cool" - The Advocate (US)



AMORESUPERM drawing performance at La Fresh Gallery - Gayletter (NY)



Emily Carlton, "SUPERM-MEN" - interview and portfolio in Out There Magazine (UK)



SUPERM interview for Dalton Superstore blog (UK)



"SUPERM in photos" - Dalston Superstore blog (UK)



"SUPERM @ FRINGE! 2014" - Gaydar Magazine (UK)



SUPERM interview for The Most Cake (UK)



Guillermo Espinosa, "SUPERM celebrates 10 years of love and art" - Shangay Magazine (Spain)



"Print All Over Me featured curators: Slava Mogutin + Brian Kenny of SUPERM" - PAOM Newsletter (NY)



SUPERM: Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny - artist profile in Issue Magazine (LA)



Hunter O'Hanian, "Slava Mogutin and His New Book, Food Chain" - The Archive: The Journal of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art (NY)



Silvia Mollicchi, "Food Chain - Slava Mogutin" - book review in Full Stop



Portraits of Jackie Ludueña Koslovitch in my photo column for DU & ICH Magazine (Germany)



Skingraph collage in the special Michel Foucault edition of Libération (France)



"Does Gay Pride Matter?" - Gay Friendly Germany




Agustina Mistretta, "De Rusia con Amor - Slava Mogutin en Festival Asterisco" - Azucar Mag (Argentina)



"Desnudo descuidado" - Página/12 (Argentina)



Portraits of Carter Harrington in DU & ICH Magazine (Germany)



"Fragile Beauty" - excerpts from Food Chain in The Calvert Journal (UK)



John Russell, "Slava Mogutin Getting Personal: The queer Russian photographer, author and provocateur on his first book published in English" (portrait by Michael Stipe) - Next Magazine



James Nichols,  "Food Chain, Queer Art Book, Released by Slava Mogutin" - The Huffington Post



Food Chain excerpts on Visionaire blog



Food Chain review in Gayletter



"Paradise lost: Photographer Slava Mogutin looks beyond politics to a happier time in Crimea" - The Calvert Journal (UK)



Alexander Yastrebov, "Russian Gay Art" - Art Guide (Russia)
Photo by Terry Richardson



TRACKS / ARTE TV profile (France)



Portraits of Paul Gunn in my photo column for DU & ICH (Germany)



Omar Gómez, "Transgresión con acento ruso" - Milenio (Mexico)



Morgan Meaker, "Rebellion in Russia: Branded a criminal for tackling gay issues, artist Slava Mogutin tells his story" - Kids of Dada (UK)



 Slava Mogutin: Sochi Olympics can serve as a platform to challenge discrimination, violence and intimidation targeting Russia's LGBTQ community - The Real News Network

Skingraphs portfolio in Depesha Magazine (US/Russia)




"Homosexuality must become the state policy of every civilized state" (cover portrait by Conrad Ventur, interview photo by Igor Vishnyakov - Один з Нас/One of Us (Ukraine)


Ada Alti, "Slava Mogutin" - Chasseur Magazine



Joseph Delaney, "Slava Mogutin" - Sang Bleu



 "Slava Mogutin: In The Name Of Love" - Public Action Magazine (Finland)



Owen Myers, "Kissing in the Kremlin: How Russian artist Slava Mogutin nearly held the first modern gay marriage" (photo by Laura Ilyina) - Dazed & Confused



Tania Cohen, "From New York With Love" (portrait by Natasha Sharymova) - Metropol (Russia)



"The Case for Boycotting the 2014 Winter Olympics" - The Huffington Post



Savas Abadsidis,"Russian Artist Slava Mogutin Backs Boycott of Sochi Olympics" - The Advocate




Anastassiia Fedorova,"Slava's Homoerotic Protest Photography: Russian exile and gay artist Slava Mogutin on his Lost Boys and bigotry" - Dazed Digital (UK)



Maryam Omidi, "Master strokes: Slava Mogutin's intimate portraits of love" - The Calvert Journal (UK)



Andrew Hiller, "Slava Mogutin joins photography's new avant-garde" - The Voice of Russia




Christopher Harrity, "22 Russians Who We Won't Let Vladimir Putin Forget Were LGBT" - The Advocate



Skingraphs portfolio - Nyx a noctournal (UK)


Instant Portraits portfolio - Mimik Magazine (The Netherlands)



"Maripol and Slava's Intimate Portraits" (photo by Brian Kenny) - Gayletter


 "Artist in residence: Slava Mogutin" - The Impossible Project Blog


"Paradise Superm" portfolio - Vaga Magazine



Irina Makarova, "Intersection of Love & Art: SUPERM" (portrait by Paul Mpagi Sepuya) - NYC Art Parasites



Jimi Dams, "Slava Mogutin" - Eyemazing Magazine (The Netherlands)


Artist profile and portfolio - Hysteria Magazine (UK)




Irina Makarova, "Feeling Exctatic Today?" - NYC Art Parasites


Savas Abadsidis, “Exploring Beauty and Hell With Gay Artists SUPERM” (portrait by Mitchell McCormack) - The Advocate



Christo Mitov, “SUPERM: Beauty and Hell” - Grateful Grapefruit



Kathleen Massara, “SUPERM's 'Beauty And Hell': Brian Kenny And Slava Mogutin Head To Envoy Enterprises” - The Huffington Post



"Slava Mogutin: Back To Nature" - DU & ICH (Germany)



Rajko Božić, "Pinko Commie Fag" (portrait by Ray Lego) - CKS, Centar za Kvir Studije (Serbia)



Artist profile - F.O.D. Magazine (Israel)


Irina Makarova, “Artist Slava Mogutin on Art as Rebellion” (portrait by Michael Alago) - Bullett Magazine



MJKM, “From Russia With Love” - Laissez Faire London (UK)




"Pigsty" - Kaltblut Magazine (Germany)



Sebastiano Mauri, “All You Need Is…” - Flash Art (Italy)




Paul Bruno, “Slava Mogutin Gets His Hands Dirty” (portraits by Ray Lego) - Dirty Magazine



Bogomir Doringer, "Slava Mogutin" - artist profile & portfolio in FAAR Magazine (Serbia)



"Suddenly Last Summer" portfolio - Квир/Queer Magazine (Russia)



Artist profile & portfolio - DUST Magazine



Natasha Sharymova, "I am a citizen of the World" (portrait by Igor Vishnyakov) - Depesha Magazine (US/Russia)


Andrew Utt, “The Art of Revolution” - Vangardist Magazine (Austria)



Luna Allison, “When artistic differences collide: Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny disrupt the norm through art” (portrait by Nicolas Wagner) - Xtra! (Canada)



Paul Gessell, “From Russia With Lust at La Petite Mort” - Ottawa Magazine (Canada)



"Back From the USSR: Moscow Flea Markets and Crimea" - Mad Hatters' Review



"Crimean Holiday" - Vice Magazine



“Picture This: Slava Mogutin” - ARTE Creative (France/Germany)




"10 best young photographers: Slava Mogutin" - artist profile in Haaretz Magazine (Israel)



"Slava Mogutin: I search for the new ideals of beauty" - interview & portfolio in TÊTU Magazine (France)




"Slava Mogutin for President" - Vanidad Magazine (Spain)


“Slava Mogutin + Paul Mpagi Sepuya” - OAKAZINE



Alex Brahim, "Slava Mogutin: En primera persona del masculino" - artist profile & portfolio in Lamono Magazine (Spain)



Artist profile & portfolio - FUXYZ Magazine (Spain)


Fatima Rodriguez, “Slava Mogutin: Unblushing Images of Poetry and Sensuality” - Humanize Magazine (Spain)



Malin Holgersson, “Slava Mogutin. Crime: Sexual Perversion" - FUL Magazine (Sweden)



Paul Schultz, "Slava Mogutin und Brian Kenny, Kunstler" (portrait by Donatien Veismann)MÄNNER Magazine (Germany)


Richard Kern, “Power Couples” - Vice Magazine



Sara Rosen, "Wiggers" - Miss Rosen blog


"SUPERM's Gay History" - artist portfolio in Ful Magazine (Sweden)


 Stephen Lucas, "Lost Boys" (portrait by Xevi Muntané) - Dazed Digital (UK)



Ferran Pla, “Desde Rusia son lujuria (From Russia With Lust)” - El Pais (Spain)



 Alberto Sisí Sánchez, "Slava Mogutin: The look of guys" (photos by Javier Morán) - Pull the Metal (Spain)


Stephen Lucas, “Open Contempt for Generally Accepted Norms: An Interview with Slava Mogutin” - 3:AM Magazine



Bruce LaBruce, “Slava Mogutin: Pinko Commie Fag” (portraits by Miguel Villalobos) - East Village Boys


Alexander Burenkov, “Slava Mogutin” - artist profile in Dtours [paper] (Russia)


Slava Mogutin talks to CRUSHfanzine



"Slava Mogutin Puts Five Questions to Rita Ackermann" - Modern Painters



Environmental Pictures portfolio - Visura Magazine



Mary Anna Pomonis, “Screwball Asses” - X-TRA: Contemporary Art Quarterly


"Art Baselisk" portfolio - Kaiserin Magazine (France)



NYC Go-Go portfolio - The/End Magazine (Italy)



Vesna Andonovic, “Fotografische Elegie” - D’Wort (Luxembourg)


"Slava Mogutin loves the crisis" (portrait by Martynka Wawrzyniak) - K Mag (Poland)



Lauren Dubowski, “Queering Krakow’s Culture” - Krakow Post (Poland)


Lost Boys review - Dzennik Polski (Poland)




Adam Baran, “Slava Mogutin: Russian Homosexual Wants to Fuck Prince Harry Up His Fucking Arse”  - BUTT Magazine (portraits by Terry Richardson)



Octavio Zaya, “Slava Mogutin’s Grotesque Realism” - Atlántica Magazine (Spain)



Kelly O, "Defending the Cock" - The Stranger (Seattle)



William Oliver, "You Go Boy!" - Attitude Magazine (UK)

Charlotte Abbott, "A Bar With a View" - The Advocate



Brandon Voss, "Filthy/Gorgeous: Slava Mogutin Exposes Naked Truth in NYC Go-Go" - HX Magazine



Matthew Breen, "Sneaky Peeking" - OUT Magazine


“Aesthetic Outlaw” - artist portfolio in Pisszine (Italy)


Kari Fauskanger, "Artistic take on the land of liberty" - Bergens Tidende (Norway)



Sara Rosen, "White Is Dirty When Ugly" - The Telegraph (UK)



Guy Trebay, "Gay Art: A Movement, or at Least a Moment" - The New York Times



Robert Summers, "Slava Mogutin: Lost and Bound" - ArtUS Magazine



"Slava Mogutin" - artist profile in Time Out Tel Aviv (Israel)



Dominic Johnson, “No Love: Remnants of the Modern Unconsoled” - Fotograf (Czech Republic)



Wilfred Brandt, "Lost and Found" - DNA Magazine (Australia)



Karoline Eriksson, “Slava Mogutin: provokatör” - Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)



Lawrence Helman, "New kid on the bloc" - The Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco)



Tino Monetti, “Garotos Perdidos ” - Revista Junior (Brazil)


Adriano Sack, “Battleship Mogutin” (artwork by Brian Kenny) - Front Magazine (Germany)



Conrad Ventur, “Sticky Crimes: Art Collective SUPERM Draw Their Weapons” - USELESS Magazine

"SUPERM" - artist profile in Time Out Tel Aviv (Israel)





Carlo Prada, "A great controversial writer" - L'Uomo Vogue (Italy)


Ken Miller, "From Russia With Lust: Photographer Slava Mogutin aims his camera on the boys of his mother country" - V Magazine



Lee Carter, Lost Boys review - VMan Magazine


Tabboo!! interviews Slava Mogutin - Gay Action News



Richard Gray, “Lost Boys: Slava Mogutin” - 10 Men (UK)



Dan Avery, "Red Scare" - The Advocate



Fredrik Strage, "SLAVA 4 YOU" - Odd at Large (Sweden)



"OUT100 List" - OUT Magazine


Chris Ciompi, “Russian Unorthodox” - Genre Magazine


Stephane Gaboue, “Lost Boys” - Anthem Magazine


Lost Boys review - Juxtapoze Magazine



Jay Clarke, “Dirty Mind. Is Slava Mogutin a pornographer, genius or madman?” - Attitude Magazine (UK)


"Le garçons perdus de Slava Mogutin" - Paris Photo (France)



"Lost Boys" - Booklet Magazine (Germany)



“Jockstrap Dogs" - artist portfolio in PRÉF Mag (France)


Guillermo Espinosa, “Ponte Cachondo con SUPERM” - Shangay Express (Spain)





Miguel de Matos, “Hooligan Slava Mogutin” - Umbigo Magazine (Portugal)
Cover portrait by Nicolas Wagner



Petros Prontis, “Slava Mogutin: Russia’s Biggest Export” (portrait by Richard Orjis) - DU & ICH (Germany)



Bruce LaBruce, "Well Hung" - Attitude Magazine (UK)


Matthew Breen, "Boys Gone Bad" - OUT Magazine

William Fernan, “Wiggers the Vicious” - Blast Magazine (France)


Andrey Kovalyov, Wigger review - Time Out Moscow (Russia)



Wigger portfolio - PRÉF Mag (France)


"Slava to Russia" (portrait by Sergey Bratkov) - Time Out Moscow (Russia)




Les Simpson, "Slava Mogutin" - Time Out New York

"BlackBook's 25: Slava Mogutin" - BlackBook Magazine



Wayne Northcross, “Passion & Play” - Genre Magazine



Jamie Hakim, “From Russia With Lust” - Attitude Magazine (UK)

Yannick Barbe, “Agent provocateur” (portraits by Nicolas Wagner) - TÊTU Magazine (France)


Denis Boyarinov, "Realized Monster" (portrait by Nicolas Wagner) - OM Magazine (Russia)


“No Love” portfolio - PRÉF Mag (France)



Niru Ratnam, “Political, profound and always controversial: introducing Slava Mogutin” - i-D (UK)



Alex Mar, photo by Emily Shur, "The New Dealers: John Connelly Presents" - New York Magazine



Katy Grannan, "Masterworks" - Details Magazine


Wayne Northcross, "From Russia, With Love" (portraits by Richard Orjis) - Instinct Magazine



"Hype: Slava Mogutin" - The Face (UK)





"SUPERMOGUTIN: The World New Disorder" (cover portrait by Kelly Grider) - OM Magazine (Russia)



Gordon Wallace, “Red Meat: HONCHO Interrogates Russo-Homo Yaroslav (Slava) Mogutin” (portrait by Bruce LaBruce) - HONCHO Magazine



Artist profile with portraits by Tom Bianchi - Aktivist Magazine (Russia)



Steve LaFreniere, "Slava Mogutin: Russia's Biggest Export" - index Magazine
(portraits by Ryan McGinley)





Reed Massengill, “Tsar Turn” - artist profile with portraits by David Armstrong, Robert Cusido, Rainer Fetting, Robert Filippini, Bruce LaBruce, and Terry Richardson - Blue Magazine (Australia)